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I am a Reiki Master and Teacher.

My Mission: 

☆ To make the world a better place.

A Haven Of... 

☆ Compassion ☆ Kindness ☆ Empowerment


 Starrdancer Reiki
Cara Douglas

Reiki Is... 


   ... a powerful yet gentle Japanese technique that promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. All sentient beings need a peaceful and relaxing environment to release stress anxiety and pain. Through my extensive training and experience I am capable of guiding you and/or animals to a place of peace and relaxation which can promote healing.

      I enjoy working with people but particularly like having animal clients, especially horses. A typical session is done with only you or you and your animal(s). The bond you have with your pet aids the process of providing the best outcome for a session. It also helps you as the caregiver, to better understand your relationship with your wonderful companion.

     Sessions offer the opportunity to achieve a peaceful and relaxed state.... I've even had clients doze off on the table. In a calm state your energy flows freely through your body and tension is released. This is when a Reiki session can open the door to healing.


Learning Reiki

Teaching, for me, is enjoyable since I believe that everyone benefits from the training as a form of self-care. Once Reiki I and II have been taken, you are able to share Reiki with family and friends. Empowered with Reiki, going through your daily life and whatever is going on around you, can become more pleasant. 

Why Naturopathy

Reiki Here! Reiki There!
Reiki Anywhere!

I have had sessions in a barn and out in the pasture with horses nearby. Also out the a deck on a lovely spring morning. Sessions can also be set up in my office, on zoom or over the phone. 

Why Naturopathy

About Me.


I have been involved with Reiki since 2006. Actually I had no idea what Reiki was when I heard about it from a friend. All I absolutely knew was it was something I wanted to do. And now here I am all these years and classes later, I am a very happy Reiki practitioner and teacher who enjoys sharing what I've experienced through Reiki.  I have also learned other modalities which get incorporated into my practice. 

I am a... 

    ☆  Usui Holy Fire III and Karuna III Reiki Master. 

    ☆  Animal Reiki Master.


I have also studied Animal Communication. 

My training has been by teachers from the International Center for Reiki Training. (Except for Animal Communication.)  I have studied with the following ICRT teachers:

     ☆  Linda J. Wheeler

     ☆  Pam Allen LeBlanc

     ☆  William Lee Rand

Pictured here: William Lee Rand and Linda J. Wheeler. 

Kind Words From a Client

“I can always tell when you've been at the barn - All the horses are so calm afterward.”

— Angela S.


Contact Me

You're welcome to contact me at: 

☎ 804.503.5136

Honestly, I'm not always horsing around.

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